Friday, 23 April 2010

England 2010 ... Who Voted For This?

"There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England". Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

I was on the bus the other day going out to indulge in some cafe culture drinking courtesy of Nulabor. It 's a long bus ride and I get on at the start of the route to my destination in a more central location. I sat myself down in my favoured position by the window so I can see what's going on.

It gets busier and busier as we went along ending up standing room only. As I'm a people watcher I'm aware of who's around me. I'm not averse to listening in to the conversations of others. It appeared that all around me were people speaking in different languages. I felt like I was on holiday where you sit on the local bus oblivious of what everybody else is chatting about.

It's like that at work too. Every day in the custody suite I will enter to find a multi-national gathering of prisoners. I'm on first name friendly terms with one of the interpreters who I see daily too. She works very hard and we are grateful that she comes out at every request. If she's off late I've dropped her off at times so she doesn't have to get a cab back. She needs to work hard as she pays for two of children to go to private schools.

Fast forward to the election debate last night. See any inspirational leadership? No me neither just the same old same old playing it safe. The best part for me was the analysis afterwards. Kay Burley was interviewing some audience members and asked an African lady about immigration. Kay leans in with the microphone expecting a tasty little race reaction. The woman starts agreeing about a cap and then starts to ask why we are flooded with EU migrants before a disappointed Kay whips the mic away and moves quickly on.

It's no coincidence that the Tories began to lose credibility after reneging on their referendum over the European Constitution or treaty if you prefer to call it that. None of the main parties show any inclination to do anything about this. Why? Oh to see a Winston or Maggie Thatcher in one of those debates.

Happy St George's Day - Enjoy it while you can !


Blue Eyes said...

I had the BBC on in the background and Nigel Farage made the same point. What's the point in reducing the non-EU number to zero if half of Romania can turn up next Tuesday if they want to? And then the BBC undermined his argument by putting a nasty piece of BNP work on to say the same thing.

Stressed Out Cop said...

And everybody knows it .. Don't mind the Poles who are aligned to our National mindset and are very able to integrate and be English, but we should still be allowed to send their criminals back.

And Spain should be able to do the same with ours. Ours in Spain don't tend to have Spainish council houses.

We should have control who comes here .. the facts are the main parties haven't the power to do so ... Who voted for that ?????

Makes me mad

Police Girl said...

Unfortunately, the BNP are getting more supporters because of the government's immigration policies.

Being a British visible minority, I am grateful that my grandparents were allowed to settle in the UK; however, new immigrants may not feel welcome with the heightened racial tension & English patriotism will not be as it should be.

TWINING said...

Happy St George's day.

Stressed Out Cop said...

Police Girl

People will always put labels on others - I would rather the government did away with measuring diversity and race. If you are British you are British - anything else is down to respect and good manners.

EDL do attract nationalist and also racist supporters. That is becoming clear despite how they started out. Clearly worrying.

I think most Black British have the common sense to see with their own eyes that what has been happening is damaging to our country. My cousin who is mixed heritage is a big UKIP supporter. The country at large needs to open their eyes and see the impact on public services from too much immigration.

Sgt T

Thank you mate .. hope you had a good one.

Police Girl said...

I don't think the government has control over immigration.

I meant that perhaps there should be a cap because there's going to be a lot of "them versus us" attitude due to the influx of immigrants.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Black British" having common sense. I think other races have common sense too.

Hogday said...

I would gladly exchange all of our resident wastes of space, on a 2 for 1 deal, with anyone from anywhere who was prepared to live, work and play by very simple requirements: Do a fair days work at something, anything, you are capable of; respect the right of others to do the same; live within the laws designed to spread freedom amongst the rest of us; be prepared to act accordingly if you are told that your behaviour is pissing everyone off. If you don't like it, then use the established system to see if you can change it. If you don't, then don't be surprised if the deal is called off. As for equality vs freedom, well the former has to be enforced while the latter has to be defended. In the absence of anything better, I'd sooner be a defender any day.

Merlin said...

Seeing the local Chinese takeaway raided by the immigration squad (or whatever) a while back & a couple of kitchen workers lifted, I felt that..

If some bloke has the get-up-&-go to haul himself half-way round the world to work hard for minimum wage - and try to work his (or her) way up from that, well - surely those are the sort of folk we should be welcoming.

If that person hasn't got a "right to work" & gets caught, then tell them to stay where they are, nip across the road, find a spitting, sportswear-clad waster hanging around outside the off-license & tell them that they've just forfeited their right to work by never using it or showing any intention of using it.

Then give the "right to work" to the Chinese person, tell them they need to pay taxes & keep the law. With that proviso, it's "welcome, new citizen".

However, you've then got the problem of what to do with the indigenous oxygen thief who's just had his place taken... Haven't got the answer to that yet.

Anonymous said...

Rope, tree, body in the sea. Lazy ass chavs sorted.

exmet said...

I remember Thatcher being interviewed, pretty sure it was David Frost. He asked her a question and without hesitating, in her own inimitable style she answered along the lines of "that's not what you really meant to ask, what you really wanted to ask me was...." She then reworded the question in a more favourable light for her!

TonyF said...

Merlin, the O2 thief you mention, dead easy. Immediate post natal abortion, followed by conversion to fertiliser. They may as well do something useful.