Saturday, 16 January 2010

What Is It About Croydon?

** Beware Elderly Behaving Badly - I'm not allowed to be offended you might be **

Croydon - Wonderful area in South London and self proclaimed Chav capital brings us the above video, to show that all those disrespectful binge drinkers frequenting your Town Centre will possibly not mellow with age. You might just be having a glimpse of the future here.

My first thoughts were how much writing would be involved if you came across this in the street. A domestic assault and racially aggravated public order offence along with a potential death in custody to boot x 2. Perhaps the most sensible thing to do is let them get on with it, but the system doesn't allow that. I hear a rumour that somewhere has been trialling a new form similar to the domestic violence risk assessment that has to be filled out for racial incidents. If anybody has heard of this, what's it like and what questions are in there?

It would appear the saddest thing here is that poor old Margaret has passed on and this is posted as a tribute to her. I think she was actually dead well before leaving this life.


MTG said...

Lesser Royals obliged to conduct family business on the street was the inevitable result of cuts to the civil list.

Blue Eyes said...

A question that I have pondered myself.

Merlin said...

Last year I was "started on" by a scrote who I guess must have been about seventy. Not a fight-meself tramp (which wouldn't have surprised me as much), but what appeared to be the patriarch of a chav family who had been sitting in the same cafe as me. I'd squeezed past the whole family who were crowding the doorway & blocking it, making sure that I repeated "excuse me, ta, cheers" etc. Result was that as I stood outside pulling my coat on, grandpa scrote comes out & starts gettting agressive. Then comes other scrawny idiot in early thirties who, comically, hid behind the older man, glared at me, but said nothing. Then out comes granny & starts. Then out come three or four 5 - 10 (?) year olds, looking a bit lost. I had no clue how to handle this & tried being polite. Got me nowhere, so I said something about respecting my elders even if they were being a disgrace & walked off. Then the younger bloke got brave & called something offensive after me. I usually have an idea in my head about the "right thing" to do, but not here. I just kept walking as I'd no idea how to handle the situation. It bugged me for the rest of the day. Suppose police are used to this sort of thing from old folk, but I'm not & it made me think about what lies ahead when Wayne, Shazaam, LaToya, Tyson etc hit their sixties.


Merlin said...

Blue Eyes -

Good poem on your blog there.

Stressed Out Cop said...


It is rather shocking but Chav's have to get older too.

I nearly fell off my seat at football years ago when an old boy starting abusing then hitting some opposing fans who were in the "wrong" stand ... it was actually amusing. He must of been nearing 80.

powdergirl said...

Please tell me those are actors?