Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I'm Breathing ... Very Deeply This Week

This is a stress post so some of you might want to skip this or read on if you want to see how open you can be. I hopefully haven't banged on about my stress issues too much but since last year I have been indulging in meditation. This has been in the news again today where there are plans to pay for stress monkey's to go on meditation courses. I feel able to comment on this as I paid some of my hard earned cash to go on a mindfulness meditation course last year.

I could go on all day trying to explain it but I think if you watch the video below where Jon Kabat Zinn takes a session at Goggle you will understand better. Those of you who think it's bull - fine I respect that as I scoffed at all this deep breathing stuff that gets pumped out myself. It is I believe about looking deeper at your thoughts and just being aware that what's happened in the past is history and the future hasn't happened so why worry about that too. I really try to live in the present and my battle is against acting in an automotive reactive way at work. I've at times really been in the zone since taking this up and the meditation practices have really helped. There have been occasional lapses where I've had a chomp at people but these moments have only made me more determined to carry on meditating. I would like to just add that there are no substances involved in this either - just in case any of you are thinking that.

My patience has been really tested this week by these idiots Islam4Britain or their real name Al Muhajiroun who pulled everybody's chains with plans to demonstrate through Wootton Bassett, and I'm sure they got the reaction they wanted. I could spread negative vibes about this and really need to suppress my disgust and anger.

So I'll go positive as I believe what we are really seeing is the silent majority rising again, this time in the form of Jo Cleary who is just a normal non political person who loves her country. The politicians can only offer words but no actions as their hands are tied by the Human Rights Act they all love.

What would I like to see happen to some of these people? For a start those on benefits who seem very able to attend these gatherings should have them stopped straight away. Those who are not British citizens should be deported, and those who have been granted citizenship should have it stripped as their presence is not conducive to the public good. All it takes is the politicians to make a new law as nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. That includes a referendum on Europe that the silent majority were promised.

I think I need to be doing some more of this .... It's long but stay with it


Blue Eyes said...

"being aware that what's happened in the past is history and the future hasn't happened so why worry about that too"

I try to do this, but I find I dwell on things far too much. I waste countless hours thinking about what could or should have been, decisions that I did or did not make. It's really unhealthy and I can waste days or even weeks on a particular subject. Then at the end of course I think to myself "that was a waste of time!". Thank you for posting this.

MarkUK said...

Having been stressed myself and letting it develop into full-blown depression, I can see where both SOC and Blue Eyes are coming from.

The buzz-treatment at the moment is CBT. I've never gone through it, but it does sound pretty good - particularly if you are forever raking stuff (negative stuff) over in your mind.

What got me functioning again was partly a shrink, partly some different meds at the right level (thanks to both my GP and the shrink) and a transfer to a department with a terrifically supportive boss who had stress issues himself. (Go Fran!)

Some time ago I reduced my meds from their high point and am sincerely considering going down another notch. I'll probably wait until Spring, as everything seems more optimistic then.

Blue Eyes; FFS, get some professional help. Getting yourself out of the nasty, insidious stress cycle is damned difficult on your own. GPs and other medical people now have a much greater awareness of stress, and even the Health & Safety Executive gets involved in stress at work.

Try to forgive yourself. Sounds daft, but the people who often get stressed at work are those who care, who are bothered. We set ourselves the standard of perfection but we can't be perfect - we're human. Set a different target, trying to get it right but accepting that you're human and as a human you will cock up from time to time. You'd be surprised how forgiving most people actually are.

If you've got a boss who forgives nobody, look for a transfer or another job. No job is that good it's worth your health.

Let the corporate dipsticks be dipsticks. You won't earn as much as them, but you'll be able to look at yourself in the mirror and not hate what you see. They probably have psychopathic tendencies, and you can laugh at them behind their collective back.

If there is a way that I can help either of you, by chatting, I wish there was a way I could send you an email without giving it to all & sundry. If you know of a way, please let me know.

Rach said...

When I went through my depression a few years ago I consulted a therapist and one of the first things she taught me was breathing exercises.

It was one of the best things I have ever been taught, it has got me through fraught times at Hospital and the Dentist, it works wonders for slight panic attacks I still have from time to time, queuing in my big stress and most of all it has improved my sex life.

Maybe too much information but I would say that it has been invaluable, it also helps me nod off when I am struggling to go to sleep...xx

Stressed Out Cop said...


You're Welcome


I am definately more understanding - and this is not just for stress monkey's. Everybody could actually benefit from some of this.


I thought it had improved my performance too, until Mrs Stressed found out she was a severe asthmatic !!!!

I can't wait to retire, grow my hair long and become a hippy

Metcountymounty said...

What I'd like to see is some of the leaders and supporters of Al Mahujiroun getting a good hard slap. With a breeze block.

Anonymous said...

Sessions of meditation may be ideal, SoC. During Winter I consciously boost serotonin with 'turbo' days.

Breakfast: 1 Scrambled egg on half a slice of dry wholemeal toast. Honey on the other half.

Lunch: Ice cream scoop of cottage cheese, brazil nut and half a fresh pineapple.

Evening: Grilled fish with fresh tomatoes and veg.

The unusual feeling of hunger is countered when the normal chewing time is doubled and extra water is taken throughout the day. This new experience is only different, rather than uncomfortable.

1. Three quarter solve a sudoku or crossword after breakfast. Try to memorise the grid or remaining clues.
2. Recall the puzzle during the walk return (see later) and resolve as much as possible, mentally.
3. During the mid afternoon hold a mug of hot tea in the hands and relax. Close the eyes and vividly recall the best moments and views provided by the walk.
4. Deal with any hunger 'reminders' by reflecting on a clean internal feeling and how good it feels.

1hr warm up with miscellanous housework.
Noontime walk in the snow with sun on the face, ensuring hips, knees, feet and ankles are well insulated. Avoid noisy routes and traffic fumes.

Walk briskly for 30mins until breathless. Commence return at slower speed, concentrating on correct posture and rhythmic deep breathing.

Into a warm shower and 30 mins of cool down, stretch exercises.

Listen to Classic FM for 90mins. You always hear something new from uplifting greats like Wagner.
Have an old schoolboy classic to hand rather than suffer any boredom from adverts and mundance stuff.

Have a night away from the telly and create something of beauty.

Stressed Out Cop said...


Of course healthy body = mind too

Back running and also dumped R1 for Tragic FM .. IT ALL HELPS !

Thanks for that ... SOC