Tuesday, 29 December 2009

We Do Art Too !!

Ours was more Arty than this - Really Said something ...

The Christmas buffet at work looked nice laid out on the canteen table, and there it stayed looking like a Tracy Emin masterpiece for most of the shift. I wish I'd taken a picture. The hope of some fire brigade policing never happened, but some did manage to snaffle a sausage roll whilst scribbling out some arrest notes. We tried again the next day but this time the bags stayed on the table with most of it getting thrown away, the chicken drumsticks were by this time looking somewhat dodgy. At least the tea club will be fully stocked with biscuits and chocolates for a couple of weeks.

It might have just been one of those freakish set of shifts, but the Christmas spirit didn't really happen for us this year. We had a full on four days consisting of the expected domestics, but with a few stabbings, drunken fights and usual crime to contend with. Everything got dealt with and the cells were full, the team pulling together taking statements here and there so the job handovers were as complete as could be. We probably cut a few corners but there was always another call to be dealt with. The pressure was on and it wasn't fun. I checked some nearby Division's custody situation and they appeared to be having a quieter time of it.

I think it comes with working a diverse area. Some communities don't do Christmas so it's business as usual for them. I find myself having to build a few bridges after dealing with one of the more serious incidents. Trying to get to grip and handle a scene with hardly any officers is difficult. When a minority group is involved it is a nightmare. We were so short by this stage that even I had to get hands on, literally applying pressure to a wound. Around the periphery were people purporting to be community leaders telling me what I could and shouldn't be doing. I don't like that and my chain was pulled and they got a reaction instead of a response. This didn't help matters but they could do with getting a proper tablet, despite trying to explain our situation they always know best. It would have been helpful if some of the community had actually called police in the first instance, but then they like to pick and choose which laws they adhere to. It could have turned out worse but will still tie up the CID despite no injured parties wanting to assist us.

The team worked their socks off and everybody contributed to the cause. They don't need to be measured by targets, they know they grafted without breaks and did the business. So do I and It's my job to watch team fatigue and give something back. A couple might be sent home in turns next year before the end of the shift if we can spare them.

By then the centre will be back from their Christmas break telling us how well we did over the festive period but still wanting more. I could have done with some more troops the last few days but somehow we made it work, we always do.


Blue Eyes said...

I suppose it's not surprising that the fools who don't know how to behave get wound up from being forced to sit in the same room as the rest of their extended families for a whole day.

Thank you for keeping an eye out for the saner of us on the off chance that we do need you.

Hogday said...

My most memorable Christmas duty was a night shift that started with a call to a domestic. As I rolled up to the house to support my area car crew I heard the welcoming cry from the drunk `man` of the house, "Back off pigs or I shoot the dog" (and we weren't on a farm). How I still celebrate Christmas remains a mystery to me!

Merlin said...

Hmm.. best to avoid those chicken drumsticks & sausage rolls gently "maturing" on the buffet table. That's one bit of "health & safety" that should be obeyed without question. I'm sure wrestling with chavs is a lot safer than chancing that room-temperature vol-au-vent...

Anyway - all the best for 2010 to SOC & contributors.

George Saint said...

I have never seen 'Fire Brigade' policing work at Christmas, every year over the past fifteen, the guv'nors have promised it but never been able to deliver it. I'm wonder if it's not tempting the fates.

A safe, prosperous, productive New Year to you