Saturday, 21 November 2009

Right Place - Wrong Time

PC Bill Barker - RIP

PC Bill BARKER was where he should have been, helping to steer others away from danger. This life can be very cruel, he was snatched from his family and friends. Nobody could envisage what was going to happen. Forget your health and safety investigations, sometimes these things happen.

He was doing something that can't be measured as part of this job we do. He was at the right place but unluckily the wrong time.

Thoughts today lie with family and colleagues up North.


Blue Eyes said...

I don't know if there can be some comfort for his family that he died doing the good thing?

I hope that, once the pain has receded, his children can be proud of their Dad.

Anonymous said...

RIP Bill Barker.

MTG said...


A policeman was today jailed for a minimum of 18 years for bludgeoning his police constable fiancee to death just hours before they were due to fly out to their wedding in St Lucia.

Martin Forshaw, 27, attacked WPC Claire Howarth with a lump hammer at least five times before carrying her downstairs at the home they shared in Bury.
He then dumped the 31-year-old in her BMW car and drove around secluded country lanes before finding a place to stage a road accident in order to cover up his crime.

Prosecutor Ray Wigglesworth QC said
Forshaw placed Miss Howarth, who was still alive, in the driver's seat and using his foot on the accelerator sat beside her he then crashed the vehicle into a hedge.
He then dialled 999 and told the emergency services there had been a collision.
When police and paramedics arrived at the scene, Forshaw, known to friends and family as Alex, told them his fiance had not been wearing a seatbelt.

She was rushed to Royal Bolton Hospital where she was pronounced dead later that day.

Merlin said...

Picking up on Blue Eyes' post - Don't want this to sound trite but, given that the end comes for all of us, none can hope for a "better" end than to die helping others & "doing the good thing". To borrow a phrase from a WWII obituary - we can only hope that the grief of his family will, eventually, be lightened by pride.