Friday, 27 November 2009

Checking The Road Ahead For Hazards

Everybody blogged including me about the footage above which was pretty unbelievable at the time. It was not widely known, but was reported that Sabina Eriksson went on to kill shortly afterwards. She has now been sentenced for stabbing a man to death, on the same day she was at court for assaulting a police officer in the film. She was released because she'd spent 12 days in custody on remand.

I think that any reasonable person can see that the individuals concerned were what we call a danger to themselves or others. One might assume there was some kind of mental assessment but still this lady was released onto the streets to kill. Now if we had released her from the police station there would have been an immediate enquiry and calls of neglect or worse, but the court appears to escaped criticism. I can't help but feel that somebody somewhere has made a poor decision in her case leading to the death of another.

Is It only the police who are expected to see into the future? There are now risk assessments to be carried out before we release prisoners in case they come to harm after leaving custody. This includes their well being in getting home up to the risk of suicide. An investigation will take place if anything happens to them within 48 hours.

There are times when hazards are obvious. I dealt with a domestic and went to arrest the perpetrator. The door was ajar as I walked up the garden path, but was slammed shut so the suspect was obviously at home. Gentle persuasion through the letterbox (taking care not to have implement plunged in my face) was fruitless so he was told the door was coming in. This often has the desired effect and I stepped back some way as the door opened, to be be confronted by a lunatic wielding a hefty table leg above his head. He then charged towards me and attempted to bring the table leg down on my head. I managed to side step and just got my baton out to deflect his down strike. My oppo then sprayed him with CS disabling him. Be in no doubt if he had sweded me I would have been somewhat injured to say the least so he's a dangerous bloke right?

The wife had been subject to long standing violence and showed me scars where she had been beaten previously and stabbed. We had not always been involved and alarm bells begin to ring in my head. This bloke needs putting away big time. The charges were ABH on her and Affray with an offensive weapon chucked in too. Stressed was actually at court himself the next day to seek a remand but was greeted by the sight of a smiling defence solicitor leaving the court room. The CPS had downgraded to common assault on the wife and threatening behaviour for the table leg attack. He was also to be bailed to the address of another family member who took delight in giving me the evils in the court room. Remonstrations with the CPS rep were pointless but he promised to review before it came back to court. It was a fob off and of course he didn't.

Didn't have blogs in those days so there was a ranting report sent off to the CPS about keeping stuff out of the Crown Court, which included a prophetic paragraph about me hoping this individual didn't go on to commit a serious offence or God forbid kill someone. It gave me no joy to hear this had an unhappy ending but I wasn't surprised. No, he didn't go on to kill the wife but actually ended up killing the family member who'd given me the evils in the court room. So he got his time in the end but would have been unable to commit that crime if he'd been in the right place already - prison. Oh how I searched in vain for a copy of that report to resend to the CPS.

It seems pretty obvious to me that Sabina Eriksson is one dangerous lady who should treated in a mental institution for a long time. I would be happier if she was never released, but I think we'll be hearing about her in years to come.


Sage said...

I can remember seeing this footage and thinking that they had to be unstable to even consider that safe but I am sorry to hear that someone who offered her a place to stay was killed by her.

dickiebo said...

These actions are really not nice! I was driving a GP Car (unmarked police car)along a road in Shepherd's Bush, when a middle-aged lady threw herself in front of us. Something in her demeanour gave me fore-warning of what she was going to do and I was able to do an emergency stop, without hitting her. Even so, it was a most unpleasant experience for all of us.

Blue Eyes said...

Why is it that the police get the blame for everything that goes wrong in the criminal justice system? If there was half as much focus on what happens in the CPS, the courts, the probation system, the prisons, mental health care etc. we would be getting a much better service!

Metcountymounty said...

One of my regrets is not being able to go to court for one of the remand hearings for a guy I had 4 separate domestic assault jobs up to GBH on his wife. This guy was a nasty piece of work with some decent previous and absolutely hated women. I had the nod from the head of the CPS in our area to go ahead and prosecute despite the victim refusing to attend court and give evidence. It went for the remand hearing and the prosecutor for the day read the file, saw that the witness was never going to turn up and decided to drop the charges by offering no evidence. I went mental when I found out that night and put a complaint through the CPS, the pathetic apology was along the lines of not being able to fully read and appreciate the circumstances.

A couple of weeks later I'm in the waiting area getting ready to book one in when in walk a couple of Tec's and Mr woman hater. He had beaten his wife to death.

Dandelion said...

Yes, CPS are every bit as shit as the police (system, not necessarily individuals).

As for there being an investigation if anything happens to someone, you know as well as I do that the word "whitewash" would be more appropriate. Please do not try to kid us that the police will ever be held materially responsible for anything they do. Even killing people. And you being on the inside know this even better than the MoPs do. I know you may not be able to admit this, for professional reasons, but please, don't insult us. Pull the other one.

MTG said...

Very disturbing footage. One possible explanation is synergism when mental disorder is combined with hard drugs in an otherwise fit individual.

Lethal and tragic, SOC's conclusion is inevitable.

Blue Eyes said...

You heard it here first - MCM is a murderer!

Metcountymounty said...

Thanks BE, better than yesterday. All I did was get out of the car and some blustery little man came up to me and said "I suppose you think seizing my car is amusing do you? You, you, you ..... roughian!!" considering I hadn't actually done anything other than stand up I thought that was a bit harsh!!

Blue Eyes said...

Do you often get accused of being a "roughian" Mr MCM?

Anonymous said...

The woman seems indestructible - she gets hit by a car on the motorway, and gets up to fight police and members of the public.

Then tragically kills a man who tried to help her.

Then hits herself in the head with a hammer, and jumps off a motorway bridge, falling 40ft.

Very sad all round.

Tom said...

Still trying to get to grips with the video footage I've just seen, and the appalling follow-on.

Surely, the lady was a prime candidate for a sn3 detention under the Mental Health Act?