Monday, 5 October 2009

The Decent Thing

I was mightily peeved the other year with the government failing to ratify our pay settlement to save them 20 millions or so. It was the principle - not the money. Since then they agreed with federated ranks a three year pay deal, which I think awards us 2.6 % this year and 2.55 % in 2010. Think how much more they could have saved by sticking to the old agreements.

Now that they propose to freeze pay awards for high earners in the public sector, I would just like to say I'd willingly give up any pay rise this year. Of course I'd expect a total pay freeze on all public sector pay and a promise for immediate cuts in public sector spending to be committed to by all political parties. I think even we in the police could lose a few departments. I could name several we could do without without affecting front line delivery. I'm sure most forces could do the same.

I would then expect this government to do the decent thing and call an immediate election. It's not going to happen is it?


Dandelion said...

Well yes it is a bit much for a police person to expect, given the police's record on doing the decent thing...

I would say though that not all public sector workers are the same, and nor should they be subject to a blanket freeze. Many are shockingly underpaid in relation to the value of the work that they do. To argue for a blanket freeze is to argue for preserving a flawed and unjust status quo. And I don't think that is right. Or decent.

Dandelion said...

Hello, by the way :-)

stuart said...

I'd quite like it if they turned around and said MPs were having their pay limited along with any other public sector worker...

Blue Eyes said...

I agree with part of Dandelion's comment, which is that a blanket freeze is a bit of a blunt instrument. How about a good cut to some "senior" salaries and a large-scale cull of many of the bureaucrats and administrators who think it is their job to tell taxpayers what they can't have?

I don't think the police are overpaid. Sir Paul takes home about £200k for running the largest and highest profile organisation in the capital! Imagine what he would be earning at the top of a similarly-sized industrial company.

I do agree with the main thrust of your comment, Mr Stressed, which is that everyone is in this mess together and that there should be no holds barred in sorting it out.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Come, come now, put away all the tissues and avoid the risk of any sodden mess. I suggest the adoption of dispassionate methods in deciding how to do 'the decent thing' on police pay.

In addition to a reasonably well paid job, many police run lucrative sidelines which range from call girl to con man. Naturally, there are less overtly criminal sidelines and these include author, security consultant and limo hire specialist. Such endeavours thrive suspiciously within a work culture where long term 'sickies' are the norm.

The last two years have seen performance plummet and the worst reputation amongst public services is reserved for police. If they be as unpopular as they are ineffecient, how grossly unfair it would be to determine a pay settlement which failed to reflect those negative factors.

Stressed Out Cop said...

Dandelion / Blue Eyes

I would just like to point out I am not George Osbourne, in light of his comments today, however drastic measures required and public sector still have a pretty decent pension provision. A blanket freeze with those earning under 18k and of course army exempt is just about right - I concede.

Save the wage bill from the freeze first and let natural wastage come through, and then become slimmer once the economy picks up.

I like the idea of pulling together. People still don't realise how much borrowing the Gov is committed to. Drastic measures are needed now.

Dr Melvin

Yes some have lucrative sidelines and good luck to them. It does not include me, but I'm open for offers. We are a necessary evil are we not?

My long term sickie was a result of trying to arrest a drug dealing toe rag. No compo for that Sir .. all part of the service. I'll add the new one to my other battle scars eh!

Love and Peace .. SOC

Anonymous said...

I'd take a pay cut!