Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Place In The Sun

Are you not a little bit embarrassed to be British over the disgraceful saga surrounding the 13 year old who is supposed to be the father of a new born? My money is on one of the other two youngsters who have come forwards actually being a Dad at 14 or 16. How has this story hit the press? If the family has contacted a newspaper then I'd be interested to know, as without doubt money has probably changed hands. Was the lure of being a celebrity Chav just too much?

WTF is going on in this country? We have the worst teenage pregnancy rates in Europe and the tax payer is going to be paying for this mess for decades. No doubt Under Age mother Chantelle will soon be settled in to her new council pad paid for by you and me - Her life will be sorted or so she thinks. Would Chantelle be so enthusiastic to be a mother if the state wasn't so willing to foot the bill?

I'm sure that a few changes to housing policy whereby newly pregnant teenage mothers were not entitled to social housing might solve the problem. I'm sure that the mostly single parent grandmothers to be, instead of being onto The Sun newspaper would be marching their daughters down to certain clinics instead.

Getting pregnant is the easy way onto the council housing list. A young person even working is never going to get into social housing unless they've got issues. With open migration into this country people on the estates are seeing foreign families being housed and therefore see no problem with their kids getting pregnant to beat the system. I feel sorry for the hard working with no kids who have no chance of getting their own place. I can assure you that living next door to Chantelle would involve constant nuisance from youths who would use it as a social base. I've seen it too often.

I'd much rather the likes of Chantelle took the sensible option and the tax payer paid her to have a week in Magaluf to get over it. It would be cheaper in the long run. Of course only two holidays allowed before age of 21. They might even meet a nice waiter and end up staying there.


Dandelion said...

Are you serious? I thought this kind of thinking went out with the Ark.

Firstly, no-one gets pregnant just to get housed. It's simply a load of bollocks, that only a man could possibly endorse. Secondly, withdrawing housing from people with children punishes the innocent party, namely the child. I'm sure you wouldn't argue for that.

I agree with you that it's pretty disgusting though.

I just think a more effective solution lies in prevention. It's an irritating fact of life for many people that you can't punish the mother without punishing the child. But that fact, I think goes a long way to explaining the teenage pregnancy rate - for people with very few prospects, who feel like they don't have a place in society, motherhood is an attractive option: it's an important role, and it makes you feel valuable and needed. Maybe if young people could feel this in other ways, they'd choose a different path. I blame the parents - they're the ones that should be punished.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious...of course they just get pregnant to get a house and money so they can hangout with their mates & not have to work! Wake up & smell the coffee Dandelion!

Stressed Out Cop said...

Where I am Baby = House

They've had the sex education. I'm talking about options before the baby is born and of course would not takes houses off people with kids. Those who go on to have kids should be housed if they need it in special small units like USA. No stay over visitors.

It's not the baby's fault - More single person accomodation might help. At the moment it's designated on need - and having kids trumps working singles / couples.

The parents (I assume you mean grandparents) should be punished by having to house them themselves.

Dandelion said...

Yes. The other alternative is forced abortion...it could be means tested, IQ tested, etc. People with bad values shouldn't be allowed to breed. It fucks things up for the rest of us. And that baby father should be castrated.

Whether BABY = House or not does not consitute evidence towards the reasons behind teenage pregnancy. It's by the by. Have you any idea what pregnancy/birth involves? A house is no-where near a strong enough motivator, it's obvious to every woman. Closer to the mark is that the provision of a house might remove one barrier, or make teenage motherhood less unattractive. Then there is the whole female teenage sex-motivation, which is another question altogether. But please stop that silly nonsense about getting pregnant in order to be housed. It's Daily Mail hogwash. Aside from which, at 15, they wouldn't be allowed to live without a parent/guardian anyway.

Stressed Out Cop said...

You are right there are more issues involved in the teenage sex thing - but making teenage motherhood more unattractive is important. A house is a motivator and a bonus to many.

The girl in this case is now 16 and I know plenty of that age who are housed. They live on the estate I police.

Worst teenage pregnancy rate in Europe and this government did spend millions in reducing it, or trying to. They failed. What are your solutions. I didn't advocate forced abortions - just people taking financial responsibility for their own actions.

Time to try something new.

Stressed Out Cop said...


I can resist it no more - please add me to your blog list.



Dandelion said...

I have plenty of solutions. The problem is that they are not humiliating or hateful enough for a lot of right-wing people to want to hear them. That is because my ideas are aimed at solving things, rather than punishing them, which I think a lot of people get off on, though they may not like to admit it. On top of this, my ideas do involve curtailing the media, the police, and male sexuality, so for a lot of people, maybe not that popular :-)

You're quite right that people will never take financial responsibility for their decisions while there is an easy bail-out. I say "easy", I know that's unfair, and you have to degrade yourself and go through the third degree to get any help at all from the government, but you know what I mean.

But it is a catch-22, because if you remove support for mothers with children, you harm the children more, and the cycle begins again. Having said that, what if that weren't actually true? What if the cycle continues anyway? In that case, yes, withdraw housing support, let them go cramped or homeless, and see how long it takes to trickle down and let others get the message...

Dandelion said...

OMG! I am honoured. It'll be a bit of an anti-climax, I'm afraid, it's terribly dull by comparison...

Constable Confused.com said...

Me too please Dandelion, I have tried but my outlook express is messing about


Thanks, I have tried but keeps on knocking me back.

Anonymous said...

A statistic quoted in the papers recently was that 30% of unwanted teen pregnancies were due to unprotected sex: Makes you wonder how the other 70% occurred?!!!