Thursday, 8 January 2009

Prolific Offenders

Break that cycle of crime and concentrate on the prolific offenders and "in theory" you should achieve crime reduction. To become a prolific priority offender you must score pretty highly on a matrix of coming to notice to agencies, this means arrest rates etc. You will then benefit from joined up working to assist you to break your crime habits. As most volume crime is driven by the need to feed a drug habit, drug intervention and use of rehabilitation units is required. I know alot of prolific offenders, I'm sure there are some success stories, however I'm struggling to think of any that have turned their lives around. Always seems to be the same old faces.

The offender has a part to play in this and part of the "bargain" is for them to try and keep on the straight and narrow. Police officers are encouraged to know "Prolific Offenders" and keep the flow of information to assist the agencies. Their special status means they are fast tracked through the courts if they re-offend.

I stopped one carrying a large bag in company with his lady friend. I name checked him and he wasn't wanted as I'd thought. He'd been arrested the previous week and been out of jail for a day. So the next step due to his habit of stealing anything not nailed down was to check the bag. It contained a lovely toaster - a designer sort in pastel colours. His explanation was that his mother had bought it for him as a gift. She must love him and wants him to know how much, as the label was still on it £110.

I put the toaster down on the ground. We both know what's coming next and I grab his wrist and go to cuff him, he pulls away and struggles free. Here we go again - Crippled cop versus druggie and he has the early advantage. Unfortunately for him after 300 yards the crack and heroin excesses kick in and he blows up surrendering as snot dribbles from his nose. One arrest suspicion of theft - I'm pleased my colleague is still with the girlfriend and swag, job's a good one so I think.

My colleague appears, "Where's the swag?"

"I've come to see if you're all right"

"Sod me - you've left the evidence"

Not touched by her concern we return and of course no girlfriend and no toaster. She's stopped further down the road and doesn't know anything about the swag. I suspect it's been taken into a nearby pub, which was probably it's original destination. PPO boy is loving this, the game has turned in his favour. He's further nicked for obstructing police and taken in.

In the custody waiting to get booked in I watch him handcuffed on the bench. He's got something in his mouth.

"Open your mouth"

He opens it and I tell him to lift his tongue up. He's reluctant but I see two black wraps and immediately go for a throat hold telling him to spit it out. Too late he swallowed them. So now my day is getting worse and the poor ambos have to attend. His life is at risk, hence we have signs up everywhere advising them - If you've swallowed drugs tell us immediately - and we'll get you to hospital.

I apologise to the ambos who wire him up in the back of the vehicle before we drive down to A+ E. I write my notes up in casualty whilst we wait for the doctor. A couple of hours have passed and he's still with us. The doctor asks him if he has swallowed any drugs and he says No. "Great you can go then", and hands him a leaflet. Everybody's covered their backs see, and we all know that the heroin wraps are probably well sealed. The ambos had already told me that he'd admitted swallowing some.

Finally back at custody long story short, he ends up getting charged with obstructing police. He pleads not guilty and we are set a court date. There's no way he would have lasted till trial date, and was arrested again the following week for theft. I think all the outstanding charges must have added up and he got himself 3 months. My case got dropped by CPS who couldn't be bothered to produce him from jail, not in the public interest, as already serving see.

I came across the girlfriend waiting to score some gear and we had a chat. PPO boy got out the previous week. She put me on the phone to him, and I told him he's so lucky to live in a country with such a shit justice system.

He says "Look I can't see what your problem is - you nicked me didn't you? Isn't that enough?"

No PPO boy it isn't I just wanted justice to run it's course - not see another towell being thrown in.


Damo Mackerel said...

Aren't most of these drug addicts criminals first and then drug addicts later? Aren't the same reasons that 'cause' people to become criminal, the same reasons that 'cause' them to become drug addicts? What are those reasons? I'm not really sure.

Itwasntme said...

In my experience many teenagers turn to drugs either due to peer pressure or to 'escape' a poor home/social life. The dealers encourage them to use more until it becomes a 'habit'. That's when they turn to crime - to feed the habit. When they can no longer cope without the drugs, the money has to come from somewhere. Also, in the ever decreasing circle, their bodies become tolerant to the drugs so they need more / stronger substances and therefore need MORE money still. Such is the circle of life for these types. So in answer to your question, I believe, they are drug addicts first, criminals second - in many cases.

Stressed Out Cop said...

I tend to agree that in many cases - addict first criminal second. I'm not against this PPO thing as it gets them fast tracked to rehab - but as always they are sometimes not ready and use it to their advantage.