Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Are We Covered?

I think we are all aware now of PC John NASH who sustained a cringing eye injury when chasing a suspect. Read the full story here and beware the picture. He made the arrest when an obviously "innocent male" decamped from a car and ran off, as you do. The suspect was subsequently released without charge.

John NASH will hopefully make a full recovery in time but was very lucky not to lose an eye. He is currently off work and no doubt it will be some time before he can go back onto full duty. So that appears to be that. Where would John Nash stand if he had lost an eye or some sight in respect of compensation?

The fact is pretty much nowhere. If he had been invalided out of the police force having sustained the injury in the course of his duties he would have been eligible for an injury award and small pension. The loss of an eye would restrict him in some police roles but as we have bionic policemen it is unlikely he would be medically retired. Of course if he contributed to in job insurance the loss of an eye would get him a small sum.

You would have thought that he would and should be covered under CICA (Criminal Injury Compensation Authority). After all he was injured on duty attempting to arrest a criminal suspect. The tariff states that the loss of an eye receives £27k compensation. Well if the suspect poked the stick in his eye he would be covered, but as he slipped on mud it is counted as an accidental injury and the scheme says.

paragraph 12(a) of the scheme we may pay compensation for accidental injury only if , in the course of law enforcement duties, officer took an exceptional risk which was justified in all the circumstances.

I think this means that if he was chasing an armed robber or something just as sexy it might be justified. In the case of John Nash and I talk from experience in all likelihood he would have received nothing for pain, loss of earnings and potential disability.

Police Officers are not in the job for litigation but sometimes your arse is on the line and through doing your job and getting badly injured accidentally you will get nothing, except the respect of your colleagues. Well Done John Nash nice collar.


Bob said...

He should go to one of those no-win no-fee companies! Sue the rain that made it muddy!

I take it you're aware that the Met pay out eight figures of tax-payers money in compensation every year?

Annette said...

He should get something although I must admit I don't know what.
It's the same anywhere, you rarely get paid compensation.

Constable said...

Laughable isn't it? Got rammed by a stolen transit van during a pursuit and actually locked up the offender.
CPS discontinued it due to the only evidence being the 3 officers statements ie no CCTV/forensics.

Was genuinely off for 2 weeks and still can't feel my left little finger properly. Have been told that the scrote is now suing the job for unlawful arrest.

Where is my nearest no win no fee solictor?

He was bloody lucky though! I don't know if I would have continued!

Bob said...

Good old CPS. For once doing a fine job.

Dear CC: Nice attitude. Don't you know it's not nice to call people scrotes? And I somehow doubt he'd be suing if he didn't have a decent case.

Getting injured in the line of f**ing up people's lives I think is called karma.

Stressed Out Cop said...

Oh Bob - You do make me chuckle

I'm all booked in for my meditation sessions so shall light a joss stick for you. A nice Lavender one I think, very calming.

Do you work for the CPS?

Peace out


Damo Mackerel said...

Bob said: Don't you know it's not nice to call people scrotes?

Says who?

Now put the wife's knickers on your head so you look like a proper c**t then.

Bob said...

I rest my case lol. Hoist by your own petard, Mr Mackerel.

marine S said...

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