Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Knives Out - Tribute to Gadget

One of the constants in my life the past few years has been the influence of The Inspector Gadget Blog. With the demise of good old Night Jack this was the go to place to see policing "AS IT IS". I have been known to pop in for time to time with the odd comment.

I've been a constant reader for years - I don't even think he'd got to 100k hits when I first lurked, as Copperfield was the designated place for disaffected moaning troops.

I hardly recognised the bureaucracy and rubbish he wrote about, as I work in Metroland. It didn't take long however for those new religions in ACPO thinking to filter through to my own Force area. We've even got some of the same self proclaimed "leaders" who pander to their political masters. Some of us are still fighting and want the truth out, but maybe from the inside is the place to influence and show up the present style of leadership that moulds future policing. This is a different job to the one I joined over 25 years ago and a different culture exists .... apathy rules along with Money. I'd like to believe that the only thing that matters is people - both on the staff side and the public at large. If we get that right the policing will look after itself without the measures.    

Challenging upwards in whatever way you can is a true Leadership trait and Mr Gadget (one assumes a Mr.) appears to have it in spades. I never knew Gadget but then I did, because we see the same things. I'm delighted to see he is also a Radiohead fan and wish him all the best in his retirement.

From a Hat - I salute and Thank You Gadget. Enjoy Retirement.      


Anonymous said...

where will the EDL rejects congregate now?

Stressed Out Cop said...

Ciaran - Bournemouth in May at Conference. Guess you will be staying in !!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget it was Rehill who took down Gadgets blog.HA HA HA HA of course you did you plastic revolutionary.

Blue Eyes said...

As an outsider I enjoyed Gadget in the early days. He was a genuine whistle-blower. Then I think he turned inwards and became a rallying point for the angry old sweats and a cartoon character himself. I stopped reading when he started editing my comments to make me look like a twat.

But I'm not trying to say I'm glad he's given up. Overall he has definitely added to the debate. To get such stinging reactions from senior politicians suggests he was bang on the money with some of the things he described.

I really hoped that the Tory shadow ministers who seemed to have read his book would do something once in office. My spies in the Met tell me otherwise.

Blue Eyes said...

In answer to your question over at Hogday's place: yes, when the sun comes out I could handle a bit of al fresco.

Sierra Charlie said...

"Challenging upwards in whatever way you can is a true Leadership trait"

That's not what my supervisors tell me!

Hogdayafternoon said...

SC: Your leaders don't know shit, especially if you present credible options. You can look forward to being labelled an educated agitator for the rest of your days in uniform.

Sierra Charlie said...

Too late! Already black-marked (is that allowed as a phrase?). I got seriously shouted at a few months ago for pointing out what I thought was the bleeding obvious. At least after all became clear someone in the commanding heights did admit to me that I had been right on that point.

Stressed Out Cop said...

I must admit SMT are rather touchy at present and any "off message" thoughts are met with re-education. Stand Firm

MTG said...

It hardly compliments the good name of Night Jack, an honourable and talented blogger, to be lumped with 'Inspector Gadget', SOC.

As I said on Hogday: 'I accept the good intentions of most folk until I know better. However my early doubts as to the veracity of Gadget's contentious claims and the unfairness of many smearing campaigns, brought me into early conflict with her blog.

Gadget's projections as a serving male police Inspector were unconvincing. The blog was used in a cowardly and malicious manner, manipulating a simple-minded and foul-mouthed following. In my view it embodied all that was contemptible of a self serving and corrupt public service. Particularly detestable, was the blocking of fair and polite criticism. This practise degenerated into 'modifying' comments and later, as I can personally testify, the installation of totally fabricated comments.

In my opinion, Gadget was a systematic liar who brought UK police into disrepute, courting libel with professional advice. It was thus Gadget skated freely for many years, only to disappear abruptly while executing a camel spin on thin ice.'

Dodgy Dan Collins, aided and abetted by dishonest Gadgetistas, have already smeared me with the outing of Gadget; fostering the belief in the falsehood that I have boasted of this astonishing feat. This typical dishonesty, a potent mixture of truth and lies, is the tumour which chokes UK policing for which some will advocate a large draught of hemlock.


Blue Eyes said...

I won't agree about Dan Collins. I see him as a campaigner publisher if such a thing can exist. I have had the pleasure of having met him (indeed he got me tickets to a Theodore Dalrymple event) and I don't believe he would deliberately make stuff up. Likewise although I think Gadget went a bit far and his comments "policy" was absurd by the time I stopped reading, the policing anecdotes themselves felt real.

He should have stayed away from party politics if you ask me, and let readers to draw their own conclusions about what is wrong with UK policing in 2013.

MTG said...

Blue Eyes may have a point...if indeed he forgets the last occasion he had the pleasure of a nice man buying cinema tickets and sweeties.

Stressed Out Cop said...

Ah Melvin long time no hear - hoping you are well

I indeed lament the loss of Richard's blog. It goes to show we shouldn't play politics with professional sharks and Plebgate is a good example.

Job politics with SMT is more fun !!

I did laugh when BE was banned by Gadget but then it was his blog.

Blue Eyes said...

I can't remember what prompted it. I think I may have pointed out how much a private sector employee would have to contribute to his/her pension in order to get the same kind of output as the post-reform scheme. Or compared graduate starting salaries. Or something.

I was labelled a "banker" and therefore fair game. All very amusing.

His blog, his rules!

Anonymous said...

MTG spreading his poison on other blogs now.Won't be long before he's banned on here as well.

Stressed Out Cop said...

We don't react on here ... so all peace and love xx it's only a tribute post to IG who I hold in utmost respect ... despite misreading my friend BE. See forgiveness .. no pain Mwah

MTG said...

Anon at 22:54

A premature truth is poisonous, WC Jaded. Only time separates the two antagonists.

Blue Eyes said...

Yes, fair play SOC I hope I made it clear that I have huge respect for IG. Just thought it sad to see a talent wasted by what seemed to me stress or similar.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Melvin that was me at 22.54,forget to sign it.
However once again has anyone any idea what on earth you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

"However once again has anyone any idea what on earth you are talking about?"

Ignore the cerebral stuff. Just enjoy the beads and mirrors, Jaded.

Anonymous said...

No,still waiting.
Anybody else?

MTG said...

Most normal folk 'get it' Jaded.
Try asking nicely, Jaded. The courtesy of a polite request will produce a positive response in most cases. "Good evening, Sir; are you the registered owner of this vehicle?" and "This yer car, mate?" seek the same details in contrasting ways. But I digress.

I borrowed 'a premature truth is poisonous' from the literary portrayal of Truth and Time as old adversaries. To illustrate this simply, you may announce there is no God; an innocuous assertion in the present. To do so on the same spot centuries earlier, could be no less truthful yet toxic in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

"This yer car mate" hasn't made it in one of your posts for ages,I thought it was due soon.
Please follow up with the word radiator.
PS What "normal folk" do you rub shoulders with then Melvin? Once again you claim to speak for the public.I don't I only publish my own opinions,i'm not as pompous as you trying to claim such self-importance.

Anonymous said...

An inability to be civil and the total absence of gratitude for the explanation you pretended to seek, clearly demonstrate your trolling mission, Jaded.

Sierra Charlie said...

Well that's me gone! You heard it here first!

MTG said...

@ plod trolls WC Jaded, shijuro, Frankie, Ranter et al.

I am persuaded to conclude that an operation to minimise further harm to the reputation of police has already commenced with the identification of those appearing on a list of 'Gadgeteers'. Further indications in News could add considerable weight to that possibility.

Should it transpire that none of you are or ever were police officers, I will be somewhat relieved. Your conduct has been totally inconsistent with that expected from honest and trustworthy public servants.

Insofar as it concerns genuine police, the decent fraction will benefit from tougher sanctions brought against the cowardly, lazy and corrupt. When these elements are returned to acceptable proportions, the prospect of restoring police to their once trusted role as self-regulator, will also move a step closer.

Clouds may be gathering but have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Cut and pasting your own sermons Melvin-you are the most pompous oaf I have ever come across.

MTG said...

Crikey, persistent stalking for a year with not one molecule of a response to deem criminal, Jaded?

Which is tough...but then I am not an unsporting chap. If you are still loitering under the same pseudonym after April 24th I will see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Who's stalking who Melvin? You say potato......
April 24th? I'm counting down the days.

Anonymous said...
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