Tuesday 29 July 2008

Don't get Angry Get Even ( Part 1 )

I have been back running, but only short jogs and have to build things up, however I can return officially to full duties. This is good news indeed, so I can now tell how this all came about. I'm off on holiday so am pre-posting this in parts.

I'd been having a turf war with some drug dealers for nearly 6 months. They were a big outfit and ran their business 24/7 with numerous runners. They would often congregate in large numbers and whoever was holding would always slide away.

I couldn't walk through the estate, without getting accosted by residents telling me how things had got out of hand. This was a slow burner and I niggled away at the punters, getting dealing numbers and built together the pieces of the jigsaw. A few stops here and there yielded nothing from the dealers (always swallowed it see) but slowly I began to identify them.

I'd even filmed them in some dealing areas in the early hours and often 20 punters would be served up at one time. As they were African and not always local it was hard to know who was actually at it. I even caused a mini-riot when attempting to seize the mandatory dangerous dog that was always present with this group.

They were cocky bastards and were confident to front me out. I annoyed them and disrupted them, but business was still good. One day one of them laughed at me saying I'd never catch them. He said he'd make a deal - if I never caught them I'd have to leave the estate - but if I did catch him he'd only do a little bit of time and be out on the streets again soon, so it didn't really matter.

That's modern day policing for you, they are not scared and don't fear you. I'm sure Gene Hunt would of had an appropriate tactic to wipe the smile off his face. I accepted his little challenge.

Sunday 27 July 2008

Off Chilling

I'll be somewhere similar for 2 weeks

I made it through my 16 day continuous work stint - well nearly 16 days I just couldn't be bothered working another of my days off and took day 14 (my rest day in lieu) off. I'm still knackered though.

It's also official I'm no longer a cripple and can rejoin the streets again. Nobody made a fuss that I only lasted 2 days on restrictive duties - just as well considering I've been the only police officer available on my team for weeks.

I am now on leave for 2 whole weeks - My diary is full already for my return. My phone is off and will remain off. If anybody pops in to this blog hopefully some posts will appear themselves - I'll tidy them up on my return.

Lets see if I can survive 2 weeks with the family -

Saturday 26 July 2008

Crime Prevention advice

What can you say to David Cameron about the loss of his bike. Knowing the area as I do Dave I wouldn't leave my bike outside of a William Hills, which is a bit of a magnet for drug dealers, users and general naughty blokes.

I do hope he was popping into Tesco's and not to the bookies for something else.

No doubt there will be a purge on bike thefts by the greater gods keen to ingratiate themselves with the next prime minister. Watch this space !!

Thursday 24 July 2008

Same Old Same Old

I do his job nearly every day

I don't like wasting my time, and always have little things planned. I've noticed that at week-ends junkie feeding time is about midday. So I'm poised to have abit of sport when the dispatcher puts out a call. I'm only 1 minute away and it's a spill over from the previous night so I take it.

I listen to the sorry tale and it's a falling out between two 14 year old girls. Apparently this one had been threatened and the mother had gone to the other mother’s house and to cut a long story short a gang of youths had later attended this address and been abusive and threatening. Police were called but never attended as we had no units. Of course knives were mentioned as its flavour of the month.

Knowing the mother as I do - I suspect she's gone round drunk and gobbed off biting off more than she can chew. She denies this. I promise to attend the other girl’s house. The venue given is vague but I find it.

I'm shown into the front room and get a sense of déjà vu. I hear the story from the other side. Girls fallen out - want to fight each other - words in the street etc etc. I speak to the girl's mother - "I've been here before haven't I?" "I can't remember" she says. "Have you got another daughter?" "Yes she's twenty soon and has got 2 kids."

I was here about 5 years before dealing with exactly the same situation, when the older daughter had fallen out with a friend and threats made etc etc. I ask who the father is for her grand child. She blurts out a name, which I know and she adds he's just out of prison. Apparently they get on better now the daughter has her own place.

The 14 year old confirms that the other mother came round creating a scene and some of her friends went round and were abusive. There were no knives. I ask her why they had fallen out. I coaxed it out of her - I'm glad she was embarrassed. It was because they'd been best friends and the other girl became best friends with somebody else.

I think everybody could see how ridiculous this whole situation was, even the original mother when I returned to offer words of wisdom. It's estate life folks with Mr Policeman trying to act as Jeremy Kyle. I tell the girl not to end up like her sister - but if I return in 5 years no doubt she'll be banged up with two kids of her own. Of course can't just leave it at that.

That's two 14 year olds coming to notice of police so loads of report writing for me. Meanwhile real crime continues because I'm not there.

I feel my time has been wasted - I actually believe they felt that too - But they'll call again

Wednesday 23 July 2008

What do you see?

A few weeks back I was drafted in to do a task in one of the plush new buildings rented by the Metropolis. This is where much of the strategic corporate stuff is done. It was a Friday afternoon and by 5pm I was pretty much alone, as everybody else drifted away to their usual week-end off. The views were fantastic over the Metropolis, but I only had eyes for the housing estates. I could see little gatherings here and there and kids playing in the semi-darkness. It looked different from up here. I could see into the alleyways where drugs are dealt and the roads where stolen mopeds are ridden.

I had air conditioning and soft lighting. I strolled over to the drinks machine that promised to dispense me a free drink of my choice. Decaffeinated coffee if I wanted it. There was a little plate attached to the machine which read

Busy Day? We live life at such a pace that taking time out is important. So choose yourself a drink, take a moment and enjoy.

Everybody has a part to play in a big organisation and no doubt there are stresses and pressures in this office everyday, however it is not my world, and they don't see what I see.

Monday 21 July 2008

Anthony MULHALL - Treated disgracefully RIP

Another police officer has been found dead in Snowdonia and we all await the results of the post mortem. PC Anthony Mulhall you may recall was slaughtered in the press last year when CCTV images were shown of him arresting a violent stupid little girl. I watched the images like everybody else and couldn't understand the onslaught. If anything he could have used more force and he clearly did nothing wrong. Liberal England was of course outraged the the poor pathetic "victim" was interviewed on SKY TV before making a complete cock of herself. "Yeah I'm epileptic innit" Interviewer "Has this been diagnosed by a doctor?" Her "No". I rest m'lud

He was cleared of wrongdoing but god only knows how this affected him. We all know although innocent he would have been tainted in the eyes of the senior officers. Imagine sending him to a community meeting with diverse groups and the reception he would receive. I don't recall a senior police officer coming out and stating how the girl was clearly a liar, and giving the officer their clear support.

Unfair treatment mate - You did nothing wrong - RIP another victim of diversity

Friday 18 July 2008

Disrespecting the law and then some

Police officers attacked by a mob in Croydon after asking a 15 year old girl to pick up litter. Two officers are injured having been kicked and bitten. Why do they do it? Because they know absolutely nothing is going to happen to them.

Put aside the fact this girl is 15. Being bitten hurts right, and no doubt she is giving it the large one as I write, revelling in her new found notoriety. I found it more disturbing that passers by felt it appropriate to step in against the police. Don't think anything is going to happen to the two males arrested either - it won't. I see the arrest was for violent disorder but any proceedings will see this charged down to threatening behaviour. Keeps it out the Crown Court see, where some of the same residents from Croydon will no doubt be sat on the jury.

What is the true number of police officers injured on duty? It's so time consuming filling out the electronic form to report one that most officers don't bother unless it's really serious. When it was written in the injury book - it was just a quick entry and done, 1 minute maximum.

Now it is a health and safety investigation. If you looked at the charges laid for assaults on police no doubt it would be considerably higher than the injuries reported. This is one bean that the politicians don't really want counted so nobody makes an issue over it.

The black community in Croydon should hang their heads in shame for this incident. The two police officers should be thankful they weren't stabbed. Labour crime and disorder policy? Tough on crime and the causes of crime - What do you think?

Tuesday 15 July 2008

My Bloggie Loggie

Somebody is missing out on the opportunity in Northampton to get an easy sanction detection. Russell Brand (who does somewhat amuse me - sometimes!) has apparently made a hoax call on stage to a police control room, and it's been filmed.

I think I time him getting through after 47 seconds - so not bad Northampton. Is that good? I don't know but it's recorded somewhere if you can make sense of it.

A fixed penalty ticket £80 en-route to you Russell - you naughty boy

Monday 14 July 2008

Blame Game

I do wonder if the Daily Mail has it in for the police, and why?. There was an awful crash earlier this week when 6 people were killed in a collision with a truck. It now turns out that four of them were left stranded, after police seized the car they were travelling in for having no insurance. Read Here.

Are we to blame for not sorting them a lift back home? I can understand the families being upset, however we can't be responsible for everything that happens afterwards can we? Duty of care springs up - I think again this derives from that lovely Socialist creation The Human Rights Act. Well if the seized car was being driven without insurance, what about the rights of the rest of us to be protected.

There are already procedures in some forces for release risk assessments to take place after contact with police. These are usually after a spell in custody, where we should offer suitable contact numbers to stop people doing something stupid. I don't know if this also means we are responsible for the person getting home safely.

The old instruction manual IM 2.16 only applied to allay a sense of grievance, if we'd cocked up and made steps to smooth things over. If you were guilty of an offence or in custody through your own stupidity the record was marked released no charge 2.16 does not apply. You were on your own. Nowadays It's all a backside covering policy to show we've acted in a reasonable way.

Standby for a change in the seizure form so we can tick another box saying we pointed the uninsured driver in the direction of a taxi firm. Perhaps the Daily Mail should be attacking the madness which is the Human Rights Act. This single piece of legislation has resulted in the police fannying around with every procedure we do, and NOT for the better.

Saturday 12 July 2008

Culture Club

I wish I could earn 70k a year. Read Here the article about the MPS celebrating gypsies and their culture. Personally I don't have a problem acknowledging others diversity but I don't see it as the role of police to promote it. Of course the Mail rants on about crime increases caused by gypsies, but crime is actually part of Roma culture.

Before the complaints department hunt me down for that sweeping statement, I have read up on this minority group and it's generally accepted that Roma people have always gathered alms etc. They also live by their own rules which has always been outside of the society they live in.

Contrast what is happening here to Italy where they have deemed that all gypsies are born thieves, and should be fingerprinted. Can't understand how they'll get that past the Human Rights Act.

London has had a Gypsy community since the 16th century, which merged into the larger local community. So they don't live in caravans and won't be considered gypsies by the Roma themselves. Much of their language has found it's way into slang today.

The word "Chav" derives from "Chakka Chavva" meaning naughty child in Romany language. Much of the "Only Fools and Horses" dialogue is also based on Romany. "Cushtie" is a Romany greeting.

I think the police monies invested in promoting this diversity project would be better spent elsewhere. Personally I find it patronising, when we should be concentrating on tackling the factual crime trends caused by Roma people. They are no different from any other diverse group who come from abroad and commit crime. All foreign criminals should be deported - NOT INDULGED - but that's a political decision which the government should tackle.

They are quick to pay for drug workers in police stations but I believe putting immigration staff in custody suites would produce better crime reduction results. I have included my favourite "Gypsy Kings" track in the sidebar as my contribution to diversity - enjoy.

See they could have saved 70k - I've done it for nothing

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Nobody loves me and I don't care, well maybe a little bit

Do we really care about what people think about us? I mean the public we work for day in and day out. I dealt with something the other day involving young kids, and sorted things out using that old fashioned thing called discretion. I could have gone down the arrest route but the minor misdemeanour didn't really warrant it.

I still had to deal with the parents with differing responses. One was very grateful and knowing the score thanked me. The other couldn't care less and wouldn't listen to my words of wisdom. She mentioned to her friend "I don't like this one". It would appear I'd had a run in with her cousin a few years back. It really hit home and actually quite hurt, everybody wants to be liked don't they? Having got her details I recognised the surname, and assume her cousin was a man put away for firearms a few years back.

I'd already had another resident phone in to ask if I had permission to name an individual in the local police newsletter. This is permission of the jailed person. The individual who was given 18 months for drug dealing on the estate. So two people I'd upset in one day.

Then you think about it, and as much as they whinge and moan, see it as a positive. These are the people whose kids are causing misery to others on the estate. If I'm annoying them it's a good thing.

I had a friend who worked an estate, which had a police office on it. He was a top street cop very firm but fair with it. He came into work one day to find overnight somebody had painted on the wall in 2 foot high letters. (Surname) is a Wa@!er. I see that as a compliment to him and the way he policed. Personally I would of added - and don't you forget it.

RIP Big Al - I bet they haven't forgotton you - I never will

Monday 7 July 2008

Payback Time at last?

Not the solution to knife crime

The Met have formed a 75 strong squad to combat the knife problem in London. I assume these are coming from some centralised crime squads and will involve pro-active plain clothes patrols. I think these will have more impact then the knife search arches, which have just been renamed screening arches. No doubt some extra home office money has been made available.

6 or 7 years ago you couldn't mention gangs in partnership meetings, without being accused of racism, so at least we can now discuss the problem. I've already discussed my views in previous posts, and don't have all the answers. I can think of some short term solutions that could help. The police are a big gang, so lets tackle this in a way these youths do understand.

When I was on the riot squad several years ago, we could sort out problem estates easily enougth. We were tasked to a problem estate, where the local police office was getting stoned and the yobs were intimidating the local units. On day one we were given the faces, and I was on foot patrol with a female colleague. An approaching yob sneered and mouthed some obscenity at us, before wondering why he was face down in the gravel a few seconds later. He joined the rest of my crew in the bus for a fun journey to custody.

He was whinging like the little girl he really was. In custody he whinged to all and sundry and the Chief Insp came down to see the first body in the bin. He tore a strip off the yob and told him to send the message back to the estate, that they'd crossed the line and now was payback time. Good man him, went to high ACPO rank before retiring.

We had a fun couple of days, but thereafter as soon as our buses went onto the estate, mothers would come running out to get their kids in. They had got the message. It isn't pretty but it is effective. A few police buses fully manned up should just trawl about and throw the nets out in directed areas, intelligence led of course. This is important, the impact must be felt by the street gangs. I would put on board some community officers, to smooth things over with the "friendly fire" victims, but the vocal parents of the "faces" can get stuffed, people are dying here.

By actually imposing their new sentencing guidelines re knives they might just get on top of it for the summer.

Sunday 6 July 2008

Liquor Loot Lunacy and Lust

Catch the Copper Shocker in the Mail about the PC who was nicking cannabis from the property store? What an idiot you would naturally think, but read the full article and I think it explains in more detail. At least he got a good nights sleep having resigned from the job. I believe this man was suffering stress and wanted to get caught.

Lets face it we all know there are cameras in the suite, if not covering the inside of the property store. The complaints department actually trace all police misdemeanours back to four human failings; Liquor Loot Lunacy and Lust. I think we can class this officer in the Lunacy bracket or the moment of madness.

I'm feeling abit knackered myself at present, hardly been at home in the last week, clocking up some excessive hours at work 16 hour days and even a 20 hour one. It does affect you, my short term memory is totally blown to the extent you have to think hard about what day it is. Last night was my first opportunity to catch up on some shuteye. Unfortunately after 4 hours I was awake and buzzing and didn't really get my intended 8 hours.

So I'm even more knackered now. I've turned down some more extra stuff I was asked to do, but just shows you how it all get loaded onto you. I've been working my rest days to help the job out (not for money because there is none)

I think I've got one sleeping tablet left so tonight should be ok. I've got a 14 day period at work coming up, again with excessive hours and then some leave, so if I can get through that should be able to recover. No time to get signed back to full duties by my doctor, so I'll do a job lot visit and get a resupply of sleeping tablets to keep me going before leave. (Zopiclone - works wonders - and it's legal)