Thursday, 13 August 2009


I do like a bit of reality so when the press go on about the mother of baby P getting fitness classes and a host of other life enhancing benefits when she is released, I'm not actually shocked.

It's not unusual for those with "issues" to have their every need tended to. Don't fancy getting up to take your kids to school - no problem, social services will send a taxi round each day to collect them and do it for you. House a tip - well can't expect you to get off your arse from trawling Internet chat rooms, social services will ensure somebody comes in to clean your house for you. Making it up am I? I don't think so.

The lady in question Tracey Connelly had more breaks than many, but chose to live the way she did indulged by society. Still it didn't save her son from a horrendous death. No doubt all the agencies will look at themselves and their policies in the hope that it will never happen again. Well unfortunately it will as long as we excuse feckless individuals the need for some personal responsibility.

When she gets out she should get nothing. How do we have a "duty of care" towards her? She and her ilk should have no anonymity or protection unless the threat towards them is real and assessed as such from hard intelligence not wishful thinking. I rather like the thought that she should suffer a bit of fear and should constantly be looking over her shoulder. I doubt it will compare to the fear that young baby suffered.

When is a political party going to come out and pledge to repeal parts of The Human Rights Act?


Dandelion said...

Oh come on!

What a surprise to see the clearly victimised woman getting it in the neck, while the sick twisted sadistic man that idolised nazis and got off on doing vicious abuse doesn't even raise a comment.


The society that failed in its duty of care towards that woman when she was a child being abused is the same society that should care for her now.

It's easy to judge, SoC, much harder to put your money where your mouth is, if you want this type of thing stopped, and actually try to understand...

Sierra Charlie said...

Surely a victim of abuse should go on to treat their own children better not worse?

Ms Connelly has the right to be protected from vigilantes the same as the rest of us, but it wouldn't be a problem if she was going to be in prison for a nice long time.

Dandelion said...

Well if you know anything about the way the human mind works, then you'll know that the impact of abuse can be profound, and also variable.

It's true that lots of abused people don't become abusive themselves, but many are unable to protect themselves (or their loved ones) from further abuse, as well as being especially vulnerable to abusive people.

What's more worthy of public oprobium is her partner, who, harboured sadistic fantasies for years and then chose to act on them.

MarkUK said...


As far as I'm concerned, the only victim was a baby. There were three culprits who needed to be dealt with. I'm not aware that the vigilante mobs particularly want to kill the mother any more than the other two.

As SC says, if they'd been given more realistic sentences then the vigilantes would not be there when the scum eventually came out.

The fact that the mother had herself been abused is may be a reason but not an excuse.

Anonymous said...

Tracey Connely is an evil cow who shud be dangling from a rope together with those other two evil bastards whom the state indulged.

Stressed Out Cop said...


Speaking generally there are loads of people who have overcome problems in their childhood and gone on to be a success. The past is just that - history - something that can't be changed.

Of course one can have sympathy for some who have been dealt a dodgy hand - but that's life. I use her as an example of somebody who gets everything - and when it goes wrong tries to excuse themselves. You may well be right that she may have been affected by abuse however what she did contributed to the death of the lad. Fact ..

I don't blame some for taking what's handed to them on a plate but society owes people like the mother here nothing. By all means be happy that your tax money keeps her. I would prefer mine to go to old people who struggle to clean their houses and have to pay towards home help.

I don't mention the other two because it makes me angry - If they had a bad childhood should we excuse their crimes too?

SC - It matters not what she gets in this case.

Mark UK - I agree only one victim here.

Anon - She did have the good grace to plead guilty - but what was going through her head to cover this up. Stupid just plain stupid.
I just don't get it.