Friday, 5 June 2009

Nulli Secundus

Sixty Five years ago my grandfather was preparing for D day. I don't know what he was thinking, but as he was also one of the last out of Dunkirk a sense of pride in getting back across the channel to Europe must have been foremost in his mind. He was subsequently wounded in the breakout from Normandy and that was his war over. In the post war years he led a quiet life, until an untimely early death from cancer. He was the stick man in a senior regiment and must have been a hard so and so, but his gentle nature is all I remember of him. I wonder what he would have felt about the country he fought for now. Would he even recognise it?

I don't thing he would approve if I'm honest with our world standing at present. In fact neither am I. The European elections took place yesterday and for the first time in my life I didn't vote for any of the main parties. I don't see any of the usual suspects as representing my views on Europe.The straw that broke the camel's back was the Queen not being invited to the anniversary events in France. Forget protocol she should have got the ferry over and attended invite or not.

Europe has started to control our country and Nulabor have embedded it's blueprint in law through the Human Rights Act. Any party that has the abolition of this legislation as point one in it's manifesto will get my vote. Did anybody vote for all this European power over our British Sovereign Law? The drip drip effect has to stop soon and some parties have to wake up to that fact.

Call me a little Englander and I don't care, is that a bad thing to be? I have lived in Germany for 2 years and National Pride is still evident, although muted from losing the war. Incidentally in all that time I'd never met a German who'd admitted fighting against us.

We need some British pride back, but that doesn't mean protest votes going to extremist parties like the racist BNP. The government is about to fall and we're not politically ready for the radical changes that the people want.

We are second to none .. and need to start showing that. We owe it to those who gave their lives 65 years ago fighting against what would have been a "united" Europe.


Dandelion said...

I'm with you on the Europe front, but anti-human-rights? That's indefensible. Don't you remember what happened in the war? Haven't you noticed how our government is stealthily eroding our civil liberties? It's a sorry pass when we need protection from our own government (and police), but it's true.

Anonymous said...

European has altered the British Legal System for the worst. From Prisons( adjudicaions and the right to vote)and the police( Human Rights and SOCPA grounds). Would Tony Blair have signed up to The HUMAN RIGHTS ACT if his missus wasn't a top barrister in the Field? At least one advantage of greater European centralisation maybe we could use the French CRS to clear parliament Square like the dealt with the Parisian Riots!! on a more somber note my grandfather joined up in 1938 to become a frontline medic as his christian beliefs wouldn't allow him to kill he went through North AFRICA and ITALY spending 4years away from home and wife, My dad and I both bear the name of his best mate killed before El ALAMIEN I know what he would make of this country compared to the the one he grew up in. i only hope he is face up in his grave or speaking to someone up there who gives a damn.

Stressed Out Cop said...


I don't remember what happened in the war as I wasn't there. I was however posted next door to Bergen Belsen so am well aware of HR abuses which also happened in the new Europe.

Our own liberties are being eroded by Europe AGAINST the will of our people.

Terrorists not deported to protect their human rights.

Illegal immigrants allowed to stay to protect their right to family life.

Wrong Wrong Wrong ..and should be subject to our own laws. Our "own" government will be gone soon but got through more erosion of civil liberties policy than the Tories would have ever dreamed.

Anon - I totally Agree but the FRENCH always did pick and choose what they wanted to comply with re EU stuff.

Constable said...

Don't start me please,

this country is scared to say boo to a goose at the moment. Those wankers in power have totally reamed us out without the added benefit of KY.

Human rights are fine provided it's a 2 way equation, at this current time it isn't. We are a skint nation trying to assist in world conflict. Yes we have allegiances and pledges but come on! Why are our troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan??????? Who really cares? Oh Dandelion we no doubt are ensuring someone's human rights are protected.
The Queen not being invited to the remembrance, that is absurd, the liberation couldn't have take place without the UK, if history was changed and D-Day had failed I would fully understand why asylum seekers decided to be in Britain.
Today is it really the first "safe" country they stumble across from their travels from Kurdistan? Is it fuck (sorry SOC +Dandelion).
I voted UKIP and not ashamed to say it, hope more did too!

Inspector Leviathan Hobbes said...

Dandelion - I think you've missed the point Stressed was making. The victims of human rights abuses in WW2 were innocent, they had no protection from the state whatsoever. The HRA has been bastardised from its original intent, which was to protect the innocent from further abuses by the state. Now it's used to protect the guilty from the fair and proper course of justice. How many victims are able to take further action against criminals for abusing their human rights? None. How many criminals take the state to court for abuses of their human rights, such as the twat prisoner who was awarded £128 for not being able to have a 'professional' haircut in prison - answer, nearly all of the scum. They have human rights? Don't make me laugh, they need to be human in the first place, and being human is having morals, virtue, decency and honour. I had better stop, I've just made myself angry.

MarkUK said...

I'm amazed that amongst many people who have had more legal training than I, there is such an ignorance of the origins of the European Convention on Human Rights.

This is not an imposition by the European Union. It pre-dates the founding of the Common Market by over 10 years.

It was mainly written by British civil servants to show Johnny Foreigner how he should behave. Britain was, of course, one of the original signatories.

The Human Rights Act simply recognised that we were bound by the Convention, and required British courts to take it into account.

Unfortunately some judges, British and European, seem to miss the point that it's supposed to be based on common sense, which the original writers assumed was indeed common.

Bertie Humbug's Ranto-O-Matic said...

Too right we need more National Pride. At least the BNP actually want people to have it, and to actually champion the cause of people who really belong here.

Also, I can't imagine that those man and women who heroically fought for us in WW2 thought that modern day politicians would give away our country to a corrupt bunch of Europeans?

The BNP may have many suspect ideologies and people within it, but the destruction of our country from the inside out cannot be blamed on them but can be blamed on the establishment parties, primarily Labour slime of course, but also their lickspittle passionless Parliamentary flunkies, the official so called opposition - the Conservatives.

Dandelion said...

V.interesting discussion.

The point that stands out to me is the one about the abuse of legislation intended to protect the vulnerable - yes it is backwards, but is that the fault of the legislation, or the people who apply it? It seems to me it's not just human rights law that this applies to either.

Crime victims do initiate civil proceedings against their perpetrators. eg the Omagh bomb families. Problem is, legal aid only goes to people who have pretty much nothing, so the awarding of it is skewed towards criminals and against your ordinary victim. And without aid, legal action is beyond the pocket of your average person.

I think we're all agreed that something is very wrong!